Little Tart loves it all…most of the time

What the fudge is a “Moggie”?

Posted on: July 3, 2007

Apparently the tests have all come back, and maternity for the world’s (un)common housecat has been established. Five tarty female kittehs, no doubt looking for “pets” and the eternal servitude of mankind, made a move towards our ancestors’ fire pits somewhere between 10,000 and 130,000 years ago. Mind you that is a huge window of opportunity, and if “domestification” occurred closer to the 10,000 year mark, dogs (believed domesticated 15,000 years ago) will beat out catage as our oldest fur friends.

We owe a lot to those pointy eared pioneers; those furry cataurnats who braved a fear of fire, predators, loud noises, and constantly being moved so fat-butted skin-faces can sit on the sofa. Without these feline Columbuses the world would have been robbed of this, and this and this, of course these, and most importantly THIS!

Thank you, brave little she-cats, for stumbling from the darkness of the fertile crescent and curling up on our ancestoral laps. You can has cheezburger, 4 sur.



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