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Goats Died Needlessly

Posted on: July 8, 2007

I am very upset after reading an AP article about the death of 243 goats in Mirin County. The article discusses how the goats could have been spared if the police had worried less about traffic flow and allowed the handlers, on hand with their herding dogs, to remove the animals from the trailer. As it stands now more than 200 goat suffocated to death.

I hope the police in question are charged with animal cruelty. This is unconscionable behavior on the part of the police. The handler describes hearing the goats screaming as they died. How could the police be unmoved by that? If they are unmoved by the pain and suffering of living creatures should they really be allowed to act as law enforcers? Do they not believe in the sanctity of life? How do we know they will be any more humane or decent when dealing with humans?

These police should be charged with animal cruelty, tried criminally, and removed from the force. No argument can be made to me that legitimize the decision to protect the flow of traffic over these animals’ lives.

I ask that anyone who reads this post please join me in emailing
San Rafael’s police department
and let them know we demand justice in this situation.


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