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Posted on: July 12, 2007

Giant Squid

Giant squid found on the Tasmanian coast yesterday.

Am I alone in thinking that a huge number of deep sea dwelling rarely seen ocean critters have been appearing recently? Part of me feels it must some how connected to global warming, but another part thinks its just that so many people are around these days nothing goes unnoticed anymore.

An aside about journalism. Why do Journalists feel the need to interview experts, in this case Genefor Walker-Smith, curator of the Tasmanian Museum, and then quote them saying inane things like “Its a whopper”? Why does an expert need to be quoted to validate what any Tom, Dick or Harry (or in this case, Bruce, Bruce and Bruce) can plainly testify to? Why not have Bruce say “Its a whopper!” and have Walker-Smith explain why they might grow so large, etc. It really devalues “experts” to have them be the mouth piece of the obvious. Just a pet peeve of mine.


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