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No one votes conservative in Hollywood

Posted on: July 17, 2007

CNN Political Ticker (hosted by our beloved WordPress) has a list of celebrity donors for the ’08 presidential race. While I am not sure how to interpret the ideological celebrity lines being drawn around each candidate, I do think it is telling that CNN has chosen to “out” democratic supporters but failed to list Republican donors. That is the list I am most interested in.The CNN Ticker lists Giuliani and no other republican candidate. I know it is not possible that there were no celebrity donors to McCain and his brethren. I want those names so I can make a decision about where my entertainment dollars go. The fact is releasing these names would be counter the media’s assertion that Hollywood is liberal and god knows we wouldn’t want that!

A few months ago, Entertainment Weekly ran an article about Conservative Hollywood. They placed Adam Sandler and Vince Vaughn on this list. I have spent the last hour searching EW’s site for this article but to no avail. I personally would be interested in who is making donations to Republicans because Republicans so often blame Hollywood for our social woes.

Hollywood Republican Donors: Talk about feeding the hand that bites you.


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