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That’s no Hoard, that’s my mother!

Posted on: July 19, 2007

This Viking Hoard was discovered in Britain last January and have just gone on display at The British Museum.

Viking Gold at The British Museum

I have never been that interested in treasures. It has always smacked of a capitalist obsession, not an academic one, but in this case I think the treasure is very interesting because, as pointed out by The 24 Hour Museum,it “reveals a remarkable diversity of cultural contacts in the medieval world, with objects coming from as far apart as Afghanistan in the East and Ireland in the West, as well as Russia, Scandinavia and continental Europe.”

I love evidence of the interconnectedness of the world and culture. Our 1950’s view of history has everyone in their own little box, compartmentalized and classified — but history, real history, is so much blurrier and messy. Globalization is hardly a new concept. Just ask Sven.


1 Response to "That’s no Hoard, that’s my mother!"

Not that interested in treasures? I recall a healthy interest in a modest treasure buried deep in the back seats of boni’s car with little cultural value. It was a highly capitalistic gain. Cigarettes and hamburger helper.

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