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Posted on: July 26, 2007

Bored and wasting time at work I came across this article: Wasting Time at Work? which discusses a survey that resulted in the “amazing” (air quotes)findings that 60% of employees waste about 1.7 hours of their 8.5 hour work day and 34% do it online.


I wont even touch how meta it is for me to be blogging from work about articles I found online while at work discussing how people waste time at work playing around on the internet (Is that real irony or  Alanis Morissette irony?)

I really have to question the results on a few levels:

One, I find it hard to believe that only 60% of employees dick around while on the job.

 Two, this survey was done online by paid surveyists.  These are people who use the internet and are potentially skewing the results. That is bad science, man.

Three, perhaps its not wasting time, its just how humans work. We aren’t built to focus on one action for long stretches of timeand these mini breaks might be refueling use for higher productivity in the 6.8 hours we actually work.  So often I see studies and surveys that really attempt to portray employees as lazy sluggards who suck at the corporate teat all the while working the system and costing captialism billions in lost man hours.  I personally would very much like to see the research on quality productivity between 8.5 hour hyper-focused workers and those that take mini-breaks through out the day. If its out there please let me know.


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