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Posted on: July 27, 2007

Hunters by BanksyCame across an article on the last Stone Age people on and thought I would share it:

  a Hadza tribesman named Gonga…

“You are welcome here. But please tell your people how things are for the Hadzabe. Please do not add things and please do not take things away. Please just tell the world that we are dying.”..

The plight of indigenous people should be more prevalent in our cultural dialogue, especially with, but not restricted to, the Hadzabe, whom are the oldest culture in the world and speak what might be the first root language  aged 10,000 years.  They are being driven from their ancestoral lands by the Abu Dhabi royal family of the United Arab Emirates, who leased the land from Tanzanian government to serve as big game hunting ground.

If the planet loses the Hadzabe, if they are forced from their ancestral in fact our ancestral lands, then all of mankind has lost something precious.  No matter how many times we watch “The Gods Must Be Crazy” we will never get it back. 

p.s. wanted to add this link to a letter you can send the Tanzianian government on behalf of the Hadzabe


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