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Letter I am mailing to individual Senators and Congressmen and Presidential Hopefuls…

Posted on: August 21, 2007

I am writing because I am sincerely confused over why there has not been a censure leading to an impeachment process for President George W. Bush. It is hard for me to stand up and be a proud American when this Administration, which has shown time and time again to have no respect for our Constitution or The Rule of Law, is allowed to reign unchecked by the very branch intended to balance that ability.

This is not an issue of partisanship, of my being a Democrat and thus out for political blood. This is about right and wrong. About preserving our democratic system. I understand that President Bush has only a year remaining in his term. With Democrats holding both houses he is very nearly a lame duck, but if this is the damage a lame duck can continue to create, think of the precedent it sets for future executive administrations with full terms before them. How much closer to an Autocracy can our nation get before it becomes one? What doomed Rome’s republic were the backroom dealings and secret pacts, as well as the belief of powerful individuals that they, rather than the democratic guidelines already in place, created the rule of law. Caesar thought himself above democracy; it took brave Senators to protect their Republic against that narcissism. Do we live in an era when Caesar, not Brutus, would be lauded?

Our nation’s Founders were brilliant political scientists. The blueprint they created is a grand design — a design even more applicable and relevant in the modern world than it was in the post-colonial world. But it is relevant only if the men and women who have been selected by the people to govern take seriously their duty to protect the sytem of checks and balances. Why is this not happening? Please explain to me why the Congressional Branch, with the exception of Senator Russ Feingold, is failing to fulfill its constitutional duty?

I know there is fear about creating division in this country, about creating a schism that drives red and blue farther from each other, but how is it American to except corruption because we are afraid of unpopularity? This is not a moment for partisan theory; for looking at the situation and determining how it can play out in your favor or their favor. This is about the very fabric of our nation. This is about telling our new Caesar as well as the world that our Republic is worth protecting and the representatives from the people are the men and women who are willing to do that protecting.

I do not throw these terms and fears around willy-nilly, but I am afraid. Afraid of the power being ceded the executive branch by the House’s lack of response. Silence is approval in this world. I ask that you no longer allow the Congress to remain silent.

Please begin by initiating a censure investigation in the Judiciary Committee or by backing Russ Feingold’s, or even by speaking out in the free press so those of us who are afraid can hear your bravery and take hope from it. Hope that America and Democracy and our Republic still stand for something right in the world.


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