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That John, he speaks for me…but not any more.

Posted on: January 30, 2008

John Edwards has announced his withdrawal from this presidential race. I for one am very sorry to see him go. He has been my candidate, and I truly believe the best candidate for America.

As I read the articles and the punditry over why he failed, why his campaign has not taken off, why he has never managed to connect with the public even as his opponents stole his platform and his agenda, I can only come to one conclusion. His focus was on struggling families in this country, the struggling middle class, the forgotten working man and he did so eloquently with quotes such as this “If you’re one of the forgotten middle class, people who are working and struggling just to pay their bills, literally worried about every single day, we will give you voice in this campaign.”

but his vernacular, the day to day language of his campaign was “poverty” and no American, no matter how few paychecks they may be from the “street” will willingly wear that nomenclature.

John Edwards’ mistake was not speaking for the poor, but calling them poor. The “Right” has so vilified the word “poor” and “poverty” attaching it to images of welfare queens (myth) and urban blight, that no one self identifies as poor. His language was asking people to acknowledge themselves as poor, and in our self-starting, pull your self up by your bootstraps – if you are poor it is your own fault – nation, that kind of label just wont jibe. If only he had couched his platform in less loaded terms, if only…if only…if only…

John Edwards

John, thanks for running, thanks for remembering New Orleans, thanks for remembering the working class, thanks for speaking for me. Good luck and I hope to see you in the future.


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