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Barak Obama, you finally won my heart…

Posted on: February 4, 2008

obama-image.jpgI just read half of Barak Obama’s “Blueprint for Change” his 64-page layout of issues and ideas for his presidency.

I was not an Obama supporter until my man left the race last week, but now that I am reading his ideas rather than hearing him speak (mind you he his a powerful speaker – but his rhetoric can be so inclusive as to become vague), I am very pleased to give him not only my vote tomorrow but in November as well.

Of what I read – sneaking peeks while dong my work – Obama begins with issues of government transparency, which has become one of my most important issues. Obama has specifics on both presidential transparency and congressional transparency, as well as creating a database for following “pork” in bills, Lobbyist spending, and ethic violations, as well as creating a 5 day “sunlight” period where (non-emergency) bills passed by the Congress can be commented on by the American public before the President would sign or veto them.

Obama also includes protecting Net Neutrality and providing Broadband to all Americans as an element of his economic plan, which strikes me as both forward thinking (sad that recognizing the importance of internet access is a progressive attitude in this day and age) and urgently important if America is going to adapt to the global market place and have any chance of surviving economically.

Another point Obama makes in his economics section is that America is uniquely positioned to be the leaders in a new global market a “Green” market, and he intends to institute job training and economic policies to see this happen. One of my ongoing worries in America has been the loss of American industry. I think Obama’s vision of America, as the green industry leader is our ticket towards continued relevance on the world stage and the only responsible way to create new industrial employment in the US.

It goes on, with many issues that are not as important to me due to my age, my childless status and other factors, but issues that none the less he is presenting ideas, solutions and an openness to discuss the problem.

Barak Obama, I take it back, you are not the lesser of two evils, you are not my second choice, you are not a charismatic yet vapid mouthpiece, instead you are my candidate because your ideas not your rhetoric have changed my mind. Good luck tomorrow, because we are all going to need it.


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