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Don’t seat Michigan and Florida

Posted on: February 6, 2008

This might seem like party in fighting to many of you, but I am growing increasingly concerned by the rumblings that Michigan and Florida are going to seat their delegates at this summer’s Democratic National Convention.

When both states tried to move their primaries earlier in the primary cycle the Democratic National Committee ruled that if they did so not a single delegate from either state would be seated. Additionally the primary would not count towards a delegate victory for any candidate, and asked all the democratic candidates to remove themselves from the contention within those states.

Michigan and Florida proceed with their earlier elections and the DNC followed through with its threats. All candidates with the exception of Hillary Clinton removed themselves from the ballot. Hillary also campaigned in these states. Hillary claimed victory in those states but it was a meaningless victory because she ran unopposed for no delegates.

Now she wants to seat the imaginary delegates she “earned” by breaking the DNC’s edict. To do so would give her a huge advantage in delegates.

If the DNC backs down I truly believe it will destroy the Democratic Party. I am a life long democrat, I pay dues to the DNC, and I will leave this party the very day that the DNC caves to such dishonest tactics from a political opportunist in populist clothing – her claim for seating the delegates is “inclusion” but her goal is victory – no matter how dishonest that victory. Hillary Clinton wants to win and she will do what ever it takes to win, even if it means subverting the party system. If Hillary works the system and plays the game to get those delegates seated her claim to the candidacy will be as tenuous and immoral as G.W. Bush’s in 2000. Does it achieve anything for our party to create parallels between these two elections? I personally want 2008 to be a clean start.

If the DNC feels that Michigan and Florida Democrats should be allowed to have their votes counted I would support a caucus in both states that was paid for by each state’s party. It is not fair to ask the State government to foot that expense a second time, nor should the DNC be responsible. Ultimately though I think Michigan and Florida should be shelved as a lesson for the future, that there are repercussions for not toeing the party line. People forget that the democratic primary season is to select the party loyalists’ candidates, not the independent, swing voters’ candidate. This is party politics, and everyone should play by the party rules.


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