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Posted on: March 26, 2008

Why do they keep saying shit like this?: 

From AP:“Blacks have solidly supported Obama in the Democratic presidential contest, while whites have tilted toward Clinton.”

African-Americans make up between 9 and 12% of Americans – Obama is winning – even if we believe that all 9-12% of African-Americans are voting in the Democratic primary – Obama could not win if “whites” were tilting towards Clinton.  It is a fiction!  Obama has support across racial lines or he would not be winning. 


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Look at the demographics… Blacks are only 12% of the population of the country, but in certain states they’re as many as 35% of the population… and they are 80-90% Democratic in that state… that’s why blacks make up a huge % of the vote in states like South Carolina in the Democratic primary. If Obama wins 90% of blacks in the Democratic primary, that’s like 36% of the total primary vote. He only has to win another 20% of the TOTAL primary vote to win (or roughly 30% of the White vote).

So, no, Obama does not need big support across racial lines to win–a mere third of white Dems will do in many primaries. Those states he failed to win a third of white voters he lost. But yes, he does have some white support–mostly from a category called the very educated so he wins states like Vermont easily.

Look into the demographics and don’t just suppose he must be doing okay with white voters in order to win….

Here’s Cnn on Obama winning South Carolina with about 25% of the white vote…

Mississippi where he carried 30% of the white vote

The pattern is the same… if the Black population is significant he wins with little support from whites, if not, then he struggles (see Ohio).

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