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When I lost it:

Jessie Jackson crying in a cheering Chicago audience.

Seeing a checkerboard of blue and red on the US Map

Rep Clyburn saying “We can now truly tell our children they can be anything they want to be”

Barack Obama describing the events occuring during one woman’s 106 lifetime – Yes we CAN!

Driving down Broadway in downtown Oakland with everyone in cars honking and everyone on the sidewalks cheering and chanting.

Jessie Jackson crying

Jessie Jackson crying

Realizing that we will have an African-American first lady – a real honest proud black lady!

Jessie Jackson crying.


    My partner and I are very concerned about the up-coming national election.  In 2004 there was a campaign to invite the United Nations into the US to monitor the election.  That effort failed, but we would like to see the cause revived during this election cycle.
    We are increasingly concerned about voting machine tampering, voter caging, as well as out and out fraud in November.  We love America and the democratic process, and strongly believe that every American’s vote should be counted, even if it is a vote we disagree with. 
    However conspiratorial it sounds, we believe the current polling trends being “sold” by the media are potentially laying the ground work for a fixed election in November. While we would love to believe this is not the case with 100% certainty, we have some doubts.  We do not believe this pivotal election is a time when we should ignore those doubts.  We are asking that Congresswoman Lee request United Nations’ election monitoring herself, or co-sign any bill presented by her colleagues in the House of Representatives.  We ask this as constituents that love America too much to allow false election results to determine who lives in the White House.  We hope Congresswoman Lee agrees and does all she can to insure honest and appropriate elections are held on November 4, 2008.

Posted on: May 22, 2008

To all you Hillary supporters who say things as brilliant as Evelyn Norena’s statement that “she’ll vote for McCain in November, partly because she believes Clinton got cheated by her party. ‘They would force me,” she said. ‘

Go the fuck ahead.  Get out of my party.  You are not a democrat and you were never going to vote democratic.  A real democrat would never look at McCain as a viable option.  Clinton’s beliefs are closer to Obama’s than McCain’s, and yet Obama, your supposed party’s candidate is a worse choice than a formerly independent now rigidly conformist republican candidate?  How’s that?

There’s the door – don’t let it hit your ass on the way out.


New Day

Posted on: May 1, 2008

     The last few days I have been horribly depressed. I am not prone to nihilism by nature, and I am often dismissive of the existential malaise so many of my generation thrive on. However, the combination of food riots internationally, global inflation, my allergies and the democratic party’s protracted and increasing destructive primary have sent me into a tailspin resulting in hours spent reading urban survivalist websites, pricing bike trailers (for hauling water and cats into the wilderness), and learning about bee husbandry so I am prepared to cultivate my own honey when “Post Peak Oil” destroys my comfortable American lifestyle. Yes, I am in a bit of a crisis. A crisis that makes me want to cry out “WAKE UP YOU FOOLS! PUT DOWN THE IPOD, STEP AWAY FROM YOUR SUV, DON”T BUY THOSE POP-TARTS, STOP PAYING YOUR MORTAGE, BECAUSE THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END! THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING…THE SKY IS FALLING” before rolling into the fetal position and sobbing helplessly. I have restrained my self so far, though last night I participated in a lifestyle defining purchase that many in the left or left leaning community would find objectionable, but I found oddly, and uncomfortably, comforting.

     I have no new insights to bring to the table on any of these fronts. I am being reactive not proactive and so I am depressed because… well…the sky is falling. Or so it felt until this morning when I read the remarkable open letter written by Joseph J. Andrew regarding his endorsement shift from Senator Clinton to Senator Obama.

     My funk has removed the ability to bring analysis to this fine text, so all I can do is urge everyone to read what he has to say and take it to heart. For myself, it has brought hope to my dark worldview as well as tears. I would like to share what caused the tears, because it is a strong reminder of what is good and right in the world:

“The difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is that you are always welcome in the Democratic Party.

Because Democrats don’t care if you are black or white or brown or a nice shade of green, you are welcome in the Democratic Party.

We don’t care if you pray in a church or a synagogue or a temple or a mosque, or just before math tests, you are welcome in the Democratic Party.

We don’t care if you are young or old, or just don’t want to tell your age, you are welcome in the Democratic Party.

We don’t care what gender you are, or what gender you want to hold hands with; as long as you want to hold hands, you are welcome in the Democratic Party.

We don’t care about the size of your bank account, just the size of your heart; and we don’t care where you are today, just where you dream you want to be tomorrow.

That is your Democratic Party.

That is Barack Obama’s Democratic Party.

That is the Party that will win in November.”


      The world might be bleak today, but Mr. Andrew’s words of wisdom and endorsement of hope are inspirational in my dark time.  I am sure that Senator Clinton’s war hounds will have already begun tearing at his flesh and bellowing to the heavens over this insult to their candidate.  By doing so they reinforce his reasoning and prove how brave he was for looking at the future and the past and the present and choosing to work for hope in a moment that needs hope more than anything else.  I finally feel that something has broke free and we are going to see a change occur.

Posted on: April 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton

From Ap: “Clinton must aim to take advantage of the spotlight and continue to cast doubt about Obama’s electability in November.”

Hillary Clinton can’t get through the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY, how on earth is she any more electable that Barack Obama?  Did I miss the memo about how Republicans really want to vote for Hillary, but those pesky primary party preference rules the reason they can’t?  How ON freaking earth can the woman make an argument about his un-electablity when she can’t rally a majority of support within her OWN party?  What planet…geez

I do have to say that I think the above is a very nice picture of HRC.  While I don’t often agree with the Baby-Boomer Feminist mumbo-jumbo surrounding Hillary’s campaign, I do believe the media uses unflattering pictures (consciously or unconciously, you decided).  This one, from a foriegn news source, is both flattering and professional.

John Edwards has announced his withdrawal from this presidential race. I for one am very sorry to see him go. He has been my candidate, and I truly believe the best candidate for America.

As I read the articles and the punditry over why he failed, why his campaign has not taken off, why he has never managed to connect with the public even as his opponents stole his platform and his agenda, I can only come to one conclusion. His focus was on struggling families in this country, the struggling middle class, the forgotten working man and he did so eloquently with quotes such as this “If you’re one of the forgotten middle class, people who are working and struggling just to pay their bills, literally worried about every single day, we will give you voice in this campaign.”

but his vernacular, the day to day language of his campaign was “poverty” and no American, no matter how few paychecks they may be from the “street” will willingly wear that nomenclature.

John Edwards’ mistake was not speaking for the poor, but calling them poor. The “Right” has so vilified the word “poor” and “poverty” attaching it to images of welfare queens (myth) and urban blight, that no one self identifies as poor. His language was asking people to acknowledge themselves as poor, and in our self-starting, pull your self up by your bootstraps – if you are poor it is your own fault – nation, that kind of label just wont jibe. If only he had couched his platform in less loaded terms, if only…if only…if only…

John Edwards

John, thanks for running, thanks for remembering New Orleans, thanks for remembering the working class, thanks for speaking for me. Good luck and I hope to see you in the future.