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A lot of not so smart cars

What sort of fucked up, out of touch, country do we live in where the “Fortwo” is seen as a huge eco-advancement?

From AP:  “Daimler’s “Fortwo” Smart car, which goes on sale in the US next year.

Retailing at 11,600 dollars, Smart cars are cheap, easy to maneuver, and fuel-efficient, running at around 40-45 miles (65-72 kilometers) to the gallon.

But will they catch on with American motorists? Smart USA spokesman Ken Kettenbeil is convinced they will…”

 Since when is $11,600 cheap (since you can get a full sized car for that much) and in what world is 40-45 miles a gallon a marked improvement (a full sized Prius gets better millage)? Shouldn’t a tiny car for two run on electricty ?  If it must run on gas, shouldn’t it be a hybrid with 100 miles per gallon?  Why isn’t it?

I personally am very interested in alternative transportation and more green options, but don’t piss on my head and tell me its raining (as my favorite person is fond of saying) – the “Fortwo” is not an eco-option, it is a novelty disguised as an environmentally responsible solution.