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When the calvary shows up at the last minute (you know that part of the movie?) it’s to save the day, not to simply take credit for saving the day after the townsfolk have already saved it themselves.


If you are looking for an unpleasant read first thing in the morning – try Dr. Nutra’s testimonials for the product “Colonix”. I’m reading them for work, but any of you could read it simply for the pictures and first hand narratives, like this one by David M. “After about 2 weeks into the program on my second month I felt the urge to go as usual. Went into the bathroom and next thing you know it felt like I pooped out about 20 pounds of crap. Now mind you, smooth exit, I filled the toilet up to the water line.” Ick. My favorite part, other than a product that creates a “smooth exit” is that this David M. included a picture of himself in his Army uniform. Check it out, but be careful before entering the gallery. After only a cursory look I’m worried I’m going to void out of my mouth not my butt.